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New Product

At Sanny Telecom, we're always staying ahead of tomorrow's technology.

Our engineers are keeping steps with the latest technological trends by attending trade fairs, seminars & working closely with our clients in the local markets.

Combining our dozen years of R&D experience, we transform the first-hand knowledge into new product solutions quickly. With new products released every month, we help our clients react to the rapid changes in the telecommunication & IoT industries.

Explore our Latest 5G Antenna

Antenna Review
& Re-design

The antenna you're currently using has poor communication performance?

Having encountered a full range of antenna issues, our engineers have a clear understanding of what works, what does not, and why.

With a complete set of test equipment & design tool in our laboratory, we can help you find out problems with the existing antenna & re-design it for better performance.

Send us your sample, and we'll take care of the rest.

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Antenna Customization

At Sanny Telecom, we believe the true expertise lies in our ability to offer products tailored to our clients' needs.

No matter you want to fine-tune our off-the-shelf antennas or customize a brand new product, our engineers with a combination of technological expertise & industrial experience will guide you through the whole process.

From consultation, design, prototyping to mass production, we can bring virtually every idea into reality.

How Our Custom Approach Works
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Rapid Prototyping

Having a good design is one thing, and making it happen is another.

We understand that designs need to be proven in the real world situation as fast as possible. That's why the capability of rapid prototyping is important.

At Sanny Telecom, thanks to our highly skilled engineers, new designs can be developed into prototypes at rapid speed. So by working with us, you can react to the market quicker.

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Antenna Test &

With the latest performance testing equipment including automatic turntable, microwave chamber, signal generator, spectrum analyzer and network analyzer, we're able to characterize antenna parameters such as gain, beamwidth, VSWR, return loss isolation and axial ratio.

Being able to perform the on-site test in the design period helps to save critical time, avoid delays and ensure your antenna exceeds all performance expectations.

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    Installation Guide

    All our antennas are designed with easy installation in mind with proper connectors & brackets for various applications. And a detailed installation guide is included in the package of every product.

    On-site installation guide is available for complicated projects and extreme conditions upon your request.

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    Technical Support

    Though we're committed to quality production seriously, we understand not every deployment works perfectly the first time.

    At Sanny Telecom, we're always standing behind you for any technical issues. Our technicians can give you online or on-site diagnosis of the problems, perform site survey or repair if required.