Sample Tests Come First

Every sample antenna should pass both electrical and mechanical tests
before being put into mass production.

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To ensure the proper performance of your antennas, we plan electromagnetic & wireless radio tests from the very start of the sampling period, instead of treating them as check-the-box tasks at the end of the project.

At Sanny Telecom, we operate a set of testing equipment from the microwave anechoic chamber, automatic turntable, signal generator, spectrum analyzer (works between 9kHz - 6.5GHz) to the network analyzer (works between 0 - 8GHz).

Specifications of every antenna sample are carefully measured by our engineers including but not limited to:

  • Radiation Patterns with frequency range, polarization, gain, beamwidth & other parameters
  • VSWR / return loss
  • Isolation
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Our antennas are designed to withstand harsh, real-world use outside of ideal lab conditions. That's why we integrate environmental tests into the sampling period.

Every antenna sample will go through the waterproof test, UV exposure test, and drop test before the next period.

Only antenna that is rugged & durable enough for the outdoor environment will be put into mass production.

Raw Material

The raw material is the basis & the major factor in the consistent quality of our antennas.

The prototype that passed electromagnetic & environmental tests will be produced massively with our well-selected materials.

All the raw materials from enclosures, connectors to mounting brackets will undergo an inspection in-house to see:

  • Whether their sizes are in accordance with the drawing
  • Whether they're the right materials as stated
  • Whether their appearance meet the desired requirements
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Welding is the Key

Welding is what distinguishes a quality antenna from an inferior one.

By introducing Quick 205 and 203H Lead-free soldering equipment to our manufacturing, we're able to create solid joints without insufficient solder.

Combining the techniques of our experienced welders, we can create eye-pleasing joints to ensure the performance of our antennas.

Final Test
For Error-Free

This is the crucial step where the network analyzer comes into play to check if the parameters especially the VSWR are correct after welding.

In case of any errors, our technician will check the welding spots to repair the insufficient solder.

Only when all the parameters meet the designated requirements will the antenna be packed.

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Waterproof &
Shockproof Packaging

Quality assurance of your antennas goes beyond the production period.

To ensure that your products arrive safe & sound, at Sanny Telecom, we pack every antenna in a waterproof & shockproof manner with multi protections:

  • 1st Protection —— Plastic bag
  • 2nd Protection —— PE foam
  • 3rd Protection —— Paper tube/ inner box
  • 4th Protection —— 5-layer carton
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