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Cellular Network

Antennas for the cellular network are growing increasingly complex in order to support 3G cellular, 4G LTE and the emerging 5G network.

Careful testing and optimization of antennas to avoid interference are essential as network coverage is often limited by natural and physical factors like mountains or man-made obstacles.

By working closely with small carriers, Sanny Telecom tailors outdoor antennas to their frequency bands. We provide complete RF tests to ensure the optimal performance of the antennas so you can provide faster, more reliable data connections and higher data throughput.

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Wireless Network

Demand for high-speed wireless access has created the need for greater capacity in an operator-controlled wireless network.

Sanny Telecom WiFi Antenna portfolio offers high performing antennas available in 2.4GHz, 2.4/5.8GHz and 5GHz frequencies supported by the IEEE 802.11 WLAN specification. No matter it's point-to-point or point-to-multipoint connections, our omnidirectional & directional WIFI antennas can meet your needs.

And our MIMO antennas enable a higher data rate and a better quality of connectivity in “noisy” environments.

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Industrial IoT

The industrial Internet of Things promises gains in efficiency, security, and productivity through automation, real-time analysis of data, alert systems, and predictive monitoring of infrastructure and equipment.

Since all these benefits cannot be realized without connection, antenna placement is crucial in these cases.

Antenna design challenges associated with IoT include providing reliable connectivity and maintaining reasonable performance. With the RF antenna expertise, Sanny Telecom offers you RFID antennas with a high performance featuring a signal of sufficient power while reducing your time to market.

IoT Applications

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    Factory Machine Management
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    Smart Warehouse
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    Highway Electronic Charging System (ETC)
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    Supermarket Security System
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    Access Control System
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    Cargo Monitoring System
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Successful Stories

For years, we've been providing custom antenna solutions for
different applications.

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    RFID Antennas for
    Bus Access System


    Ersa is a group that operates short distance buses. With 2500 units of buses and vessels in 20 terminals, Ersa is looking for an RFID reader solution that can give convenient access to their buses in 3 countries.


    Combined their requirements with our expertise in RFID antennas, we offered a one-stop solution including RFID software, reader, antenna, tags and related accessories (pigtails), which gave their buses a convenient access while ensuring security.

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    AP Panel Antenna


    Trango was looking for an antenna as access point. The antenna should be designed for easy installation & 100% tested for optimal performance before delivery.


    After multiple trials, we came up with a custom design using brand new radome, back plate, mounting bracket, and gasket. Assembly of the radio module was carried out in an anti-static environment. Finally, all the antennas were connected to the electronic parts & passed the demanding performance tests.