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Featured Antennas

Our off-the-shelf antennas combining the latest technology
can accelerate your speed to market.

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Custom Solution
from Scratch

There's no one-size-fits-all solution, not for antennas.

We understand that demands for frequency range, gain, beamwidth & materials vary as regions & applications change.

If the existing antennas don't work for you, our engineers with a combination of R&D experience and expertise can offer you a custom solution from scratch for:

  • Maximum performance
  • Lower cost with everything you want, and nothing you don't
  • Better connection with bespoke mechanical requirements
How it Works
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Test to the

Our approach to a quality antenna starts from tests and trials in our laboratory.

With a whole set of the-state-of-the-art testing equipment including the automatic turnable, microwave anechoic chamber, spectrum analyzer, signal generator and network analyzer, we test every antenna specification to extreme for optimal performance.

Besides, environmental tests are carried out in the prototyping period to make sure that the antennas we deliver are rugged enough to withstand harsh, real-world use conditions.

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    By transmitting and receiving signals in dual polarizations at the same time, our antennas boast faster & efficient performance with more data throughput.

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    More Reliable

    We design our antennas to be more reliable & transfer the most consistent signals possible with interference mitigation technology.

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    Designed for the rigorous outdoor environment, our antennas are made of waterproof, UV-resistant & anti-corrosive materials to withstand the tests of nature.

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Innovation Drives Us

Innovation is the key in a fast-changing industry.

At Sanny Telecom, the most valuable resource is our team of expert engineers who're always reacting to the next technology.

By working closely with local carriers & system integrators, we're able to get first-hand information on the latest market needs. Our skilled engineers can always respond to them quickly with innovative products, allowing us to remain at the forefront of antenna design.

Find More Expertise
  • Why Sanny Telecom?

    We're a trusted partner to help you take the lead in your industry.

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    Complete Supply Chain

    With a stable and complete supply chain, we can get literally every antenna parts with a lower cost & more consistent quality.

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    Timely Market Response

    Our strong R&D capability allows us to release new products every month, which helps our clients to respond to market changes in a timely manner.

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    One-stop Sourcing Service

    Over the years, we have designed thousands of antennas. With a wide range of products to choose from, you can save your time and costs with our one-stop sourcing.

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    3-Year Quality Guarantee

    All our antennas enjoy a 3-year quality guarantee. Defective antenna caused by our side are promised to replace for free during this period.

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    Short Lead Time

    With a reasonable raw material stock & having full control over our in-house production, we're able to fulfill your order in a shorter time.

Proven Success

For years, we've delivered successful antenna solutions in telecommunication, wireless and IoT industries.

Discover Our Solutions
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Contributions to a Better
Connected World

Having providing antenna solutions for more than 10 countries, we have enough experience and know-how to design antennas for different countries and regions