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About Us

Sanny Telecom, a professional and technology-driven manufacturer of wireless antenna products, offers varous ranges of antenna solutions and considerate one-stop customer service for the wireless communications industries. The company's product portfolio includes 5G NR Antennas, MIMO antennas, WiFi antennas, RFID antennas, custom antennas, pigtails, mounting brackets and enclosures etc. Sanny Telecom's wireless antennas are designed for WiFi, mobile communication, 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax, RFID, private networks and more.

Located in the antenna birthplace of China, we are always enjoying all the benefits that an industrial cluster brings, like cost-effective antenna components from a wide range of reliable suppliers.

For a decade, we've been dedicated to designing and manufacturing various ranges of wireless antennas based on the latest wants & needs of customers to address the fast-changing requirements of increasing connectivity. Our mission is to create the maximum value for our clients!

No Compromise
to Performance

We help partners who require best-in-class antenna performance with our uncompromising engineering practices and design methodologies that exceed stringent environmental requirements and industry standards.

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Rain, CTO
of Sanny Telecom
"We believe that our clients shouldn't have to settle for mediocrity, so we don't.
Every antenna is built for quality as it's one of the most important components to improve the performance of your network.
And every antenna is the outcome of multiple tests and trials. We don't afraid of failure. It's failure that drives us to test to the extreme so performance is not compromised under any circumstance. "

Our Core Values

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    Encourage Innovation

    We know that our clients are engaging in a fast-changing industry where technology updates every year. So at Sanny Telecom, we encourage innovation as it's the driving force for co-development.

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    Client's needs are the first priorities for us. We drive results for our clients and promise that every inquiry and question be responded within 24 hours, 7 days a week.

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    Respect Workers

    Our success is the direct result of our talented team members. We respect every worker by offering them a harmonious working environment, professional training, and a competitive salary.

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Passion for
a Interconnected World

The world is growing together with the progress of communication technology. Connections are everywhere from people to people, people to machine, to machine to machine. Antenna, as an indispensable element in transmitting & receiving radio waves, has an important role to play for improved connection.

With a respected team of engineers that brings a genius level of expertise, we at Sanny Telecom are working towards antennas that meet the latest technological requirements.

Working with you, we bring technology and people together for a better connected world.

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What They Say About Us

  • Peerapat, True Corporation :

    ” Regarding your antennas, as of now, we’re happy with your products. For sure, if we have any more projects that need more antennas, we would definitely contact you again.Thanks again for your great support and hope to do business with you again next time.”

  • Jose, ProCibernética S.A. :

    The result is satisfactory!We appreciate your support and invite you to continue to implement plans for continuous quality improvement in their processes to ensure excellent results that allow us to meet the demands of our customers.

  • Anderson, Robert Bosch Ltda :

    Testing results has been great so far. Antenna has been installed in the field and its performance is very close to what we expected.

  • Maggie, Trango :

    It looks like everything is going very smoothly for last order. You and your company have been very pleasant and efficient to work with.